In 2015/16 Shillington Lower introduced a co-curriculum to focus on fitness, health and well-being. This featured as a priority within the School Development Plan and was supported by the sport premium funding.

As a result of the co-curriculum, children engaged in daily fitness sessions and a wide range of enrichment days and activities. The co-curriculum had a significant impact on pupil and staff fitness and on positive attitudes to learning for some pupils.


Daily fitness is now embedded within the school day and the co-curriculum focus is art and music to support well-being. Many activities have been planned to support this focus to include:




Whole school involvement in art work for village horticulture show




Young Voices – Year 4 will once again perform at the 02 Arena as part of a massed choir. We hope that other classes will learn the songs to perform




Sketching in the village – all children will go out and about in the village to undertake sketches of the village

Arts festival - art exhibition and musical performances