Special Educational Needs


Shillington Lower School follows the Code of Practice for children who have special or additional needs. All classes in school are of mixed ability, and teachers provide work that is specially designed to match the ability of each group. They do this using a variety of materials and classroom support.

If a child has special or additional needs, parents will be informed that their child is being registered on the special needs register. These children will have an individual Provision map, which is reviewed with parents regularly.

For a small proportion of children, the school may need to involve the use of advice of specialists outside of school. Parents will always be informed of this in advance, so that they have the opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns.

At Shillington Lower School, we are sensitive to the needs of all children and ensure that their achievements are recognised. We aim to provide all of our children with a curriculum differentiated to their needs, if those needs can be met by the school.

There is a member of staff in school who is responsible for children on the support register and to support staff and parents: Mrs K Young is the school SEND co-ordinator.

Please click on the link below to access the SEND policy and SEND Information Report 2018/19.

SEND Policy 2019

SEND Policy Annex A - Update coming soon

Accessibility Plan

SEN Information Report 2018/19