Achievement for All (AfA)

This national programme consists of four elements:

  1. Leadership – to ensure that schools maintain a focus on the aspirations, access and achievement of vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils
  2. Teaching and Learning – leading to improved progress and outcomes for pupils
  3. Parent and Carer Engagement – to improve parents’ and carers’ engagement with school and their child’s learning
  4. Wider Outcomes – to support participation, enjoyment and achievement of children in all elements of school life.

 Being part of AfA we have changed our practice by doing the following:

  • Appointing an AfA staff champion and AfA governor
  • Developing half-termly pupil progress meetings for teachers to analyse progress of every child and vulnerable groups, review impact of support strategies and interventions
  • Undertaking the MITA project (Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants) and becoming a lead school for this
  • Engaging all parents in structured conversations: 15 minute parent consultations for every child
  • Engaging parents via parent open sessions and increased communication
  • Increasing wider opportunities by launching a wide range of clubs and extending enrichment activities
  • Establishing a co-curriculum

Our commitment to the project and successful implementation of a wide range of school improvement strategies has been recognised with Shillington Lower being awarded the Achievement for All Quality Mark in July 2016.