Good to be Green is our positive behaviour management system. It is highly effective and highly motivating. Children understand the system which is clear and simple and displayed in classrooms. They enjoy working towards the weekly and termly awards and have excellent understanding of each of our Values and how to demonstrate this in their behaviour. Parents commented in a 2014 survey that:

Fabulous idea, it acknowledges the consistency of good pupils
It seems to be working well
I think it works as both a carrot and a stick, both my children benefit from this approach
Can be used in appropriately at times
This is a much talked about scheme at home
It gives the children focus
No means of redemption, once you’ve blown it, you’ve blown it
A very positive scheme to reward good behaviour

The principle behind it is that children's positive behaviour is always noticed, valued and rewarded at all times of the school day and by all staff. All children aim to "stay green" during the week. They have a chart in their classrooms which shows this and they work towards earning stickers at the end of each week and a certificate at the end of each half term. These awards are always celebrated in assemblies.

We recognise that on an odd occasion, individual children need additional support to remind them to behave well. In order to support these children, teachers use a range of strategies naturally to help the child to return to appropriate ways of behaving, only turning to a system of warnings and yellow and red cards should their strategies not be successful. There is a consistent system in place across the school upon which the issuing of a warning card is based. Although there is flexibility built in, in order to take account of the age, stage, needs and situation. Once a warning is issued it only stays in place for the rest of that session (playtime, lunch time, lesson). Children are always returned to "green" which allows them to move on from the situation which caused the issue.

As a Values school, the consequences of any cards issued are always about ensuring the child understands and can make links to the values we practice and they can show they can make different choices.

Stondon Lower School