SEND Policy

Parents/Carer’s Information

At Stondon Lower School we believe in giving everyone, every chance, every day to achieve his or her full potential in all aspects of school life, through a topic based curriculum that is rich, varied and challenging. We aim to raise the aspirations, and expectations for all pupils regardless of gender, race or ability.


Stondon Lower School follows the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Code of Practice (2014) for children who have special or additional needs. The four broad ‘areas of need’ identified by the Code are Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, emotional and Mental Health Difficulties, and Sensory and Physical needs.

All classes in school are of mixed ability. We are sensitive to the needs of every child and seek to provide a targeted educational provision for pupils, alongside a differentiated curriculum. We also endeavour to ensure that achievements by all children are appropriately recognised and celebrated. If a child has special or additional needs, parents will be informed that their child is being registered on the special needs register. These children will have an individual education plan (IEP), which will be reviewed regularly with both the child and their parents/carers.

For a small proportion of children, the school may need to involve the use of advice of specialists outside of school. Parents will always be informed of this in advance so that they have the opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns.

There is a member of staff in school who is responsible for children on the SEN register and to support staff and parent: Mrs N Foxall is the school SEND co-ordinator. The Governing Body has appointed Debra Ellison as their representative to provide a critical friend to the school with special responsibilities for SEND.

Independent Advice for Parents and Carers

Central Bedfordshire Council SEND Parent and Young Person Parent Partnership Service (PYPPS) is a statutory service who work at arm’s length from the authority and offer a free confidential support service for parents and carers of children with special educational needs. For further information about this service and other relevant documentation please contact the link below.


What is the Local Offer

All Central Bedfordshire Local Authority (LA) maintained schools have a similar approach to meeting the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and are supported by the LA to ensure that all pupils regardless of their specific needs make the best possible progress in school.

All schools are supported to be as inclusive as possible, with the needs of pupils with SEND being met in a mainstream setting wherever possible.

Local Authorities and schools are required to publish and keep under review information about services they expect to be available for the children and young people with SEND aged 0-25. This is the Local Offer’. The intention of the Local Offer is to improve choice and transparency for families. It will also be an important resource for parents in understanding the range of services and provision in the local area.

For further information about the Central Bedfordshire Local Authority offer click on the following link:

CBC Local offer

The School SEND Information Report

This utilises the LA Local Offer to meet the needs of SEND pupils as determined by school policy, and the provision that the school is able to meet.

The following are some key questions you may ask about your child. We hope these outline the provision available at Stondon Lower School for children with SEND. Please click on any question to view an answer. If you need any more information about SEND support at Stondon Lower School please contact Mrs Foxall on

Click a question to read the answer:

Q1. What does 'special educational needs and disabilities' (SEND) mean?

Q2. Who are the best people to talk to at Stondon Lower school about my child's difficulties with learning, special needs or disabilities? (SEND)

Q3. How does the school identify children with SEND?

Q4. How will the school let me know if they have concerns about my child's learning?

Q5. How is extra support allocated to children and how do they progress in their learning?

Q6. What are the different types of support available to children with SEND in Stondon Lower School?

Q7. How will we support your child when they are joining this school? Leaving this school? Or moving onto another class?

Q8. Who are the other people providing services to children with SEND in Stondon Lower School?

Q9. How are the teachers in schools helped to work with children with SEND and what training do they have?

Q10. How will teaching be adapted for my child with SEND?

Q11. How will we measure the progress of your child in school?

Q12. What support do we have for you as a parent/carer of a child with SEND?

Q13. How is Stondon Lower School accessible to children with SEND?

Q14. How will we support your child's emotional and social development?

Further information

Other useful information and advice on a range of issues from ‘looking at schools’ and ‘understanding the jargon’ can be found by following the link below.


Details of Free Drop In Information sessions for parents/carers and young people regarding Special Educational Needs and Disability in an educational setting can be found by following the link below.

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