Statutory Information

From September 2012 schools are required to publish key information online and are no longer required to publish a paper prosepectus.

The following pieces of information are what we are required to provide. Please click on the links provided for further information.


info iconThe name, postal address and telephone number of the school and the name of the person to whom enquiries should be addressed. Click here.
info iconAdmissions arrangements. Click here.
info iconMost recent OFSTED report. Click here.
info iconKey Stage 2 results - As a Lower School this information does not apply.
info iconKey Stage 4 results - As a Lower School this information does not apply.
info iconInformation as to where and by what means parents may access the School Performance Tables, published by the Secretary of State on the                Department for Education's website. Click here.
info iconDetails of our curriculum, including phonics and reading schemes. Click here.
info iconThe school's Behaviour Policy Click here.
info iconThe school's arrangement for Pupils with Special Educational needs Click here.
info iconThe school's Charging and Remissions Policy Click here.
info iconA statement of the school's values and ethos. Click here.

Further policies can be found on our Policies page.